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I am currently on hiatus. Feel free to adore Me and stay in contact. Know that I may not respond to you for months. Thank you for all the gifts My darlings.

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People are comfortable talking to Me, opening up to Me, telling Me what their deepest fetishes and transformitive experiences are. I hear you, I understand you, I know there is more. We are all complex sexual creatures until our expression is examined. Almost everyone that calls Me is drawn to Me because they had confidence I would truly listen. I will ask questions, I will guide the conversation to an unexpected place. We will discover sexuality, kink, fetishes and the excitement that drives our passions. I am an Alpha Femme, I will transform you.

Nothing feels better than Leather and Latex

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Alpha Femme, Dominatrix, FemDomme, Goddess, Domina

I grew up in the south, I started beating up males and Dominating them at a very young age. As I started to explore My sexuality there were ever present power dynamics and incorporation of Kink play. I moved to NYC to go to a Fine Art College and afterwards I became a Dominatrix at the previously know "Dungeons of Mistress Jasmine's". It gave Me a wide range to learn from; types of fetish to varieties of business practice. I enjoyed the environment but quickly became independent as I had more freedom to choose My scenes. There I played, as a professional dominatrix in NYC for My first 7 years. Then I moved to Europe and became an International Domina, going on workations to explore new cultures without and within sessions. Learning how a culture influences sexuality is very interesting indeed.

Now I'm 12+ years into My Domme career and I have no plans of stopping. I am now offering professional domination in The Netherlands and London always with the possibility of traveling elsewhere easily within Europe.
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Professional Dominatrix in UK and Netherlands.

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