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I am a Domme that takes care of you, tending to your true desires. I am an empath, I can discern the crux in your character. I can teach you how to communicate so that what your soul needs from BDSM play can be achieved. It is in My power to explore your words, story and body language to learn where your psyche needs wholeness, relief, satisfaction from your core being. We do not need to dive so deep, its the old “blue pill, red pill” scenario. One will open up another world to you, one will keep you pleased within your current state with memories that will stay with you. I am never a bad choice, both lives can be lived to completion. What I am saying is terrifying and powerful. There is no need to fear Me, I am very clear in My expectations of you. I want compensation for My guidance. We will treat each other with respect and if you cannot meet My desires you will be forgotten so that space may be made available for others that value Me.

I love training slaves but I haven’t kept any of you. So many denied applications. I have devout long-distance slaves that tribute for assigned slave tasks, homework, gender reassignment, dog training, shopping trips, self-torture, chastity, et cetera. If you want to be (and I know you do) in a female-led relationship, serve an Alpha Female, I assure you are unfit for the task, you will require training. I can train you long distance as well. Email Me: We will find your weaknesses and make them strengths.

Something I truly thrill from as a Dominatrix is creating punishments and humiliations for My clients. I am an Artist and spend most of My time on My body of work, defining chaos with design, exploring texture and pattern. Being able to use this vast imagination as a magnifying glass upon your torments is deeply exciting to Me. But what is pleasure without the release? I must see it. In person, in video, or photos. I must know it with My own eyes. The psycho torture arouses Me so. This is the moment where I reinforce the importance and value of consent. I will not violate terms of consent. It is not in My best interest professionally or spiritually. I know what it feels like to have your right of consent taken from you, My soul will not let Me do so to others. In My public and private play I am pleasant, charming and sadistic. I want us to trust each other, this is how we can go to such depth. The fear and excitement arises when you are ready for dark or shadow play.

What about your flesh, I haven’t forgotten it. Let’s see how far we can push it, beat it, empty it and then fill it back up again. Sensory play, whippings, forced orgasm and strap-on play are good places to start. Let’s mummify you after a caning, your hard little prick bound to your body, I flip you on your stomach just to tear a hole for Me to slide inside and peg you until I’m done with you, your orgasm lacking in importance. Such fun we will have. Deposits required.

My Domme Life

How I pursue My BDSM expression.

Outside of Professional BDSM sessions I also am engaged in the Professional BDSM community, I enjoy being in communication with other Dominatrices. They are wonderful and inspiring Women. I build narratives, examine power dynamics, learn about abuse cycles, juxtapose symbolism and ritual with sexual practices. I am always learning and practicing, always evolving. I take personal growth very seriously both within and without BDSM. Consent is never boring and always important. I will always have gloves on Me. I dress for Me in scene and in life. I am writing scripts incorporating BDSM elements and plan to further express Myself within the public sphere as I develop, I encourage support and interaction in this process. I will treat you with respect until you no longer deserve it. Be your best self, I will look into you and know your soul. 

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