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Put your best foot forward

I don't have a slave contract, nor application form for you to fill out, but I will show you how to contact Me correctly. If you contact Me incorrectly you will be treated like a financial slave because I will know that is the best use I can make of you, not more. Send Me a polite email: with a formal format. Tell Me about what kinks and/or fetishes interest you, include your limits and boundaries. Let Me know what city/country you would like to have a session with Me. If I accept your session, we will discuss details and you will pay a deposit. I meet every new client/sub/slave/plaything before our session to chat about our scene and build the intimacy and trust that will lend itself to our play. We can meet and talk in a variety of ways and scenarios, know only whether it is coffee and event or shopping, it will be your treat, you are under no pressure to meet in a way that does not bring us both joy. I always enjoy quality coffee and a well-made cocktail and this is how I typically meet prior to sessions.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Me: but respect My time and be open and direct with your questions.

I look forward to our meeting,  

Domina   ​


of all the things we can do

Suffocation, Mummification, Facesitting (covered), Ballbusting, Cock and Ball Torture, Corporal Punishments/Percussive play/Impact Play, Spanking, Adult Baby, Toilet Training (Champagne, Caviar, Pomegranate), Bondage, Scent Training, Financial Domination, Pegging/Strap-on, Anal Play, Smoking Fetish and Human Ashtray, Human Furniture, Crossdressing (not Sissification), Shopping Trips related to Fetish, Public Play, Spitting, Slapping, Nipple Torture, Sensory Play/Deprivation, Temperature Play, Looner/Balloon Fetish, Gags, Scent Training, Cleaning Slave, Sploshing, Humiliation (verbal, online, public, physical), Degradation, Power Exchange, Latex and Leather Fetish, Fashion Fetish, Forced Bi (as available), Boot/Shoe/Pantyhose Fetish and Worship, Foot/Heel Fetish/Worship, Confinement, Choking, Chastity/Cuckhold/Hotwife, Hot Wax Play, Waxing/Shaving, Enemas, Knife Play, Needle Play, Puppy/Horse/Animal Training, Restraints, Sounding/Medical Play/Examination, Orgasm Denial/Control, Video/Phone Sessions, Nail Fetish, Mouth Soaping, Mominatrix, Tickle Torture, Double/Multiple Domme Sessions, Photography/Film.

Inquire if your interest if not listed above. I am also delighted to take those with Disabilities as clients as I am able. 

NO!!! Nudity on My part, Intimate touching or sexual contact of My body, Don't ask! If you attempt it during scene you will be reprimanded and I will end the session.

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