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Curious about a session with a professional dominatrix? Read on for reviews from devoted slaves...

Domina Claudia is a contradiction and enigma.  Tenderly cruel and and austerely sensual, she exudes calm confidence in the art of domination. Once you succumb to her sensuality, she will push you to the limits of your own senses—both through pain and pleasure— taking you to the uncharted realm of the ecstatic subspace.



Via FetLife I got in contact with Ms Typhoon. I was planning a trip to Vienna, a great city. I always look forward to visit Vienna. By coincidence Ms Typhoon was in Vienna the same time as I. We met in a restaurant, and immediately I felt both comfortable and excited. After dinner she guided me to the SMArt café, a special place where bdsm-lovers can have a drink at the bar while the players can enjoy the playroom at the back. I booked the place for three hours. Earlier, Ms Typhoon agreed to my proposal to do puppy play. Dressed up as a latex pup and wearing a leather dog mask, Ms guided me around the bar on a leash. As a good doggy, my only thoughts went to obeying her. I did not care about the other visitors. She made me drink beer from a bowl. Ms Typhoon guided me to the playroom. She knew precisely how to deal with the dog. She threw a toy that the dog needs to catch. Again and again. The dog wanted to obey, but my knees started to hurt like hell. So, I had to disappoint my trainer. Shame on me. Punishment to follow. She tied me up and played with my nipples. This dog really likes nipple play, but not too soft. I really felt to be on the same wave of ecstasy as Ms Typhoon enjoyed giving the dog a serious spanking. The claps were loud as they hit my latex bottom. Her game continued for more than two hours. I loved being under Her control, and I’m looking forward to meet Ms Typhoon again. This experience is imprinted in this pup’s memory forever. (I get excited by the memories...)


Ms Typhoon was absolutely perfect, my meeting with her was my first experience with a professional domme and she did everything possible to ensure I was comfortable and enjoying the experience, I would definitely recommend an appointment with her for a fantastic experience.


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