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I don't have a slave contract, nor application form for you to fill out, but I will tell you how to contact Me correctly. If you contact Me incorrectly you will be treated like a financial slave because I will know that is the best use I can make of you, not more. Send Me a polite email: with a formal format. Tell Me about what kinks and/or fetishes interest you, include your limits and boundaries. Let Me know what city/country you would like to have a session with Me. If I accept your session, we will discuss details and you will pay a deposit. I meet every new client/sub/slave/plaything before our session to chat about our scene and build the intimacy and trust that will lend itself to our play. We can meet and talk in a variety of ways and scenarios, know only whether it is coffee and event or shopping, it will be your treat, you are under no pressure to meet in a way that does not bring us both joy. I always enjoy quality coffee and a well-made cocktail and this is how I typically meet prior to sessions. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Me: but respect My time and be open and direct with your questions. I look forward to our meeting,


Please note that you can book sessions on the below web form but they will need to be approved by Me and that currently I cannot accept tributes as online payments but am in the process of setting them up. 


of all the things we can do

Suffocation, Mummification, Facesitting (covered), Ballbusting, Cock and Ball Torture, Corporal Punishments/Percussive play/Impact Play, Spanking, Adult Baby, Toilet Training (Champagne, Caviar, Pomegranate), Bondage, Scent Training, Financial Domination, Pegging/Strap-on, Anal Play, Smoking Fetish and Human Ashtray, Human Furniture, Crossdressing (not Sissification), Shopping Trips related to Fetish, Public Play, Spitting, Slapping, Nipple Torture, Sensory Play/Deprivation, Temperature Play, Looner/Balloon Fetish, Gags, Scent Training, Cleaning Slave, Sploshing, Humiliation (verbal, online, public, physical), Degradation, Power Exchange, Latex and Leather Fetish, Fashion Fetish, Forced Bi (as available), Boot/Shoe/Pantyhose Fetish and Worship, Foot/Heel Fetish/Worship, Confinement, Choking, Chastity/Cuckhold/Hotwife, Hot Wax Play, Waxing/Shaving, Enemas, Knife Play, Needle Play, Puppy/Horse/Animal Training, Restraints, Sounding/Medical Play/Examination, Orgasm Denial/Control, Video/Phone Sessions, Nail Fetish, Mouth Soaping, Mominatrix, Tickle Torture, Double/Multiple Domme Sessions, Photography/Film.

Inquire if your interest if not listed above. I am also delighted to take those with Disabilities as clients as I am able. 

NO!!! Nudity on My part, Intimate touching or sexual contact of My body, Don't ask! If you attempt it during scene you will be reprimanded and I will end the session.

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